Sunday, 28 October 2012

so here we opinion

ok everyone is doing it. why not join in on the conversation. .......first off i just want to say for the record that i never cared for punctuation it leaves nothing to the imagination.. its like too many accent marks on a written piece of music. Let the reader interpret the text. you say hey dumb ass you just used a capitol letter at the beginning of a which i reply sometimes i'm not too lazy to hit the shift key.

so why blog who really gives a rats ass what i think... well for starters i care what i think. so maybe this will just be something i do for my own amusement. and for the record i have a shit load of opinions on a shit load of things...and i tend to  use foul language often. but to start this thing off lets talk about opinions exactly and what they entail. they are the cause of countless fights between us humans. i mean really is what sports team you think is better worth beating the crap out of each other for. Although i do think full combat "opinionating" .....thats my own made up word....should be included in the next u.s. presidential election. Let the candidates get into an intense disagreement .......over military spending lets say.... and then they settle the matter by going five minutes swatting the crap out each other....the ratings would go through the roof....seriously more people watch american idol then the u.s. presidential debates......but more on that later i got lots of opinions on this subject.

its gotten so bad not having an opinion is the only way to attend any social gathering without having some sort of conflict with someone or worse a group of someone's.......feel free to add to this thought. are we at the point where can no longer have an honest opinion on anything...right or wrong....without it being taken for just what it is an opinion ....not an attack opinion.....this is where i shall begin my blogging journey opinion on opinions. hhummmmm let me think about that.


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